Patrick, Heather, Fiona, and Fonetia Duyck family
Information Systems Design, Development & Support

Advanced Revelation ®, all versions (AREV, RevD, RevG, AREV 2.x, AREV 3.x)
  • Database design and programming.
  • Database conversion from Advanced Revelation (Arev, RevD, RevG) to MS Access.
  • NLM installation and testing.
  • Advanced Revelation classes and training.
  • Conversions from earlier versions to later versions.

Microsoft Access ®
  • Database design and programming for stand-alone, multi-user or runtime applications.
  • Data conversion from spreadsheet/text files to Access database.
  • File zipping/unzipping within MS Access.
  • Serial port/keypad input within MS Access.
  • Data modeling using 'Extended Relational Analysis'.
  • Conversions from earlier versions to later versions.
  • Serial port, kiosk interfaces.

Greetings from Embassy Software!  If you are looking for quality Advanced Revelation or MS Access programming services, or
help converting your Advanced Revelation system to another database system, give us call!!  We have Advanced Revelation
experience dating back to 1989.  Embassy Software, established in 1993, provides database design and programming
services for a variety of  businesses.  Give us a call today and let us help add organization and efficiency to your business!

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, 1989 Southern Oregon State College

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Embassy Software, database solutions for your business, phone 541-300-0515
Patrick M. Duyck
Microsoft, Microsoft Access Application Development Examination Score Report, Candidate: Patrick Duyck, Candidate ID: 542767500, Registration Number: B8ADTT2039, Date: February 09, 1998, Site Number: OR10, Exam: Microsoft Access Application Development, Series: 051, Required Score, Your Score, Passing Score: 701, Your Score: 910, Grade: Pass, 91 % on Access Certification Exam!!
Certificate of Excellence, Microsoft, Patrick M. Duyck, Microsoft Certified Professional, Has successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft, Signed Bill Gates